Definition of construction systems
Adoption of new technologies
Component selection
Investment assessment
Time and works planning
Definition of complex structural works
Analysis of existing structures


Turnkey construction
Direct management of the works phases
Real guarantees (time, quality, costs)
Accurate supplier selection
Contributory and management compliance of site internal staff and subcontractors

business sector

By leveraging the structure and know-how of its partners, Arcus Immobiliare it is able to provide global design services (territorial, environmental, structural, plant engineering and architectural) for a given project.

The strong suit of Arcus Immobiliare, in private housing the company boasts prestigious projects and the ability to tackle problems on any scale.

Arcus Immobiliare is able to deploy both advanced and traditional technologies, using materials and techniques suitable to each specific situation, for buildings and for all works related to: collective housing, multiple and urban projects.

Arcus Immobiliare stands out for its care for “living” tastes and habits and the way they evolved, by strictly abiding by high standards in the construction of buildings while keeping into account the needs of modern life. This process has always been interesting for Arcus Immobiliare, as testified to by the selection of the best project partners available at the moment.

Moreover, it has always been deeply committed to respecting delivery deadlines for the projects and the budgets agreed with the client, suggesting real time design and construction alternatives through the continued partnership with industry specialists, in order to optimize the working processes.

In close collaboration with Public Administration, the most diverse construction and management techniques are devised and deployed to achieve suitable solutions in the light of the social-spatial fabric in which they are located.

Compliance with costs and the construction process is kept under particular control in order to make social housing sustainable and compatible with the use of urban spaces, with various forms of schemes (rental with redemption clauses, income-adjusted rent) for the units.

Arcus Immobiliare is able to meet all social housing strategies throughout the Country, respecting traditions and culture in each locality.

Arcus Immobiliare can perform complete urban projects in their entirety, not to mention all the development and completion works that are indispensable for the proper functioning of the finalised projects. Parking lots (above the ground and/or underground), pedestrian and cycle paths, streets and roads, equipped green areas, air or underground systems, all fitted within urban and environmental design.

The quality of public well-being is tied to the presence of services being available to citizens, such as health centres, law enforcement stations, emergency response centres, public transport infrastructure, social and care facilities.

Arcus Immobiliare, in its many achievements in various building sectors, boasts a deep experience in different hospital centres, sometimes housing university facilities. This sector requires wide expertise on structures, systems and, not least, complete planning using industry-leading partners.

The company portfolio also includes many stations built for the Department of Infrastructure and Transportation, for police and fire-fighters alike, across the Country.

In collaboration with many social welfare institutions, the company has built several structures for the care of independent and non-independent elderly, refocusing on the quality of care and the life of guests. Completing the structural overview, the company is also involved in experimental innovative transport systems (Hospital-underground connection), railway stations and technology towers for telecommunications.

Arcus Immobiliare has created several educational facilities, of all levels and sizes, generally located in residential contexts, and therefore calibrated on the actual needs of the local community, also taking into account the change in educational activities over the past years for the creation of flexible spaces adaptable to needs of evolving education.

The close focus on the project and the use of the best performing materials, leads to the creation of a high quality buildings, ensuring the comfort and safety of children and adults who frequent them.

Arcus Immobiliare has built several sports facilities of various quality and Sport Buildings fitted in specific urban environments, and therefore sized according to the actual needs of potential users.

The nature of the projects is varied and ranges from professional football stadiums to sporting-clubs for locals. It also includes several gyms in school facilities, but also swimming pools, sports fields, golf-clubs.

The sports facility projects are always characterised by the inclusion in general contexts, whose use and size are always designed with a view to final users, thus avoiding the under-utilisation problem.

Arcus Immobiliare takes pride in having been the first to build an “integrated” mall in Italy.

This project concerns the construction of a multifunctional complex consisting of a stadium, a shopping arcade, a multi-screen cinema, two towers used as municipal offices and recreational facilities.

The ability to take into account all aspects relating to high-standing commercial projects allows to intervene functionally in inner and wider cities, developing roads, buildings, infrastructure works in view of the system environment in the territory.

Arcus Immobiliare works with key partners and leaders in commercial distribution (such as Conad, Auchan), which have been well-established clients for over more than 25 years.

Comfort and a welcoming feel are key to the image and prestige of a hotel.

These aspects originate from a careful design at all stages, careful selection of materials and the quality of construction processes. The final level of quality, is always regarded with the utmost attention, using innovative technologies (e.g. bathroom modules fully pre-assembled set up in place) and complying with the strictest legislation.

Prestigious hotel chains are satisfied customers and partners of Arcus Immobiliare in this area of activity by virtue of the ability of the company to provide the most effective ideas for improvement through the supervision of their project partners, also during construction activities.

Arcus Immobiliare has faced the need to build large covered spaces with prefabricated elements, so as to ensure speed of realisation and containment of costs. Advanced experimental building technologies (such as the “Tunnel” system) are designed and used to obtain monolithic and earthquake-resistant structures, with high quality finishes and fittings for more advanced systems.

Large, exhibition facilities were built (Centro Commerciale “Il Girasole”, designed as a possible extension of Milan fair) as well as purely productive facilities (Mondadori rotogravure centre in Melzo, the largest in Europe).

Structural consolidation projects and expansion of existing buildings, including the change of the intended use, are also included in the company portfolio.

Respect for the environment and the preservation of the territory is one of the most important issues of contemporary economic and political activities.

Arcus Immobiliare is engaged in projects that fall under European projects (e.g. “European Project SHE” – Sustainable Housing in Europe) with the use of techniques related to bio-building and targeted to energy savings. The completion of these sites and the issues addressed increase the experience concerning energy saving and environmental-friendliness. These processes may be used for future projects, also not necessarily involved in specific green building programmes.

A view to safeguarding the environment and its resources is essential to recover the historical and cultural architectural heritage, in close collaboration with the superintendents, municipalities and all other entities involved.

The attention to the smallest detail added to the general context in a restoration project characterises our modus operandi as concerns the preservation and perpetuation of local cultural content, in a non-invasive and context-respectful way. State-of-the-art restoration requires the recovery of old, traditional materials and technologies in a clever mix with the most modern manufacturing processes, aiming at renovating the property by respecting its historic value while ensuring its preservation.

The activities of Arcus Immobiliare cover a wide range of projects in highly differentiated functional contexts and with unique characteristics: the company has dealt with restoration projects ranging from a cinema in a heritage building in Milan (turned into a modern multiplex) to a XVI century castle with adjoining farmhouses (re-purposed as accommodation for a golf-club). The list includes the restoration of historic buildings and conservative restoration of old properties.

Arcus Immobiliare boasts prestigious projects in the luxury housing sector using the most sensitive project partners committed to fully meeting the needs of the client.

Comfort, Style and Luxury are the essential concepts to develop projects that are so important to fall under the Luxury Architecture category.

The accuracy and quality in the design and implementation phases define the nature of what Arcus Immobiliare is today.

The care for detail proven by offering a “Made In Italy” product both in terms of design and execution, helped the company expand its Core-Business, first and foremost in its involvement if very high luxury private projects and therefore in buildings projects including the construction and interior design phases as well as the “Turn-Key” delivery of the completed building.