The know-how gathered over twenty-five years of business in the construction industry, with over 25,000,000 cubic metres built, allows Arcus Immobiliare to deliver very high quality results with sheer safety and reliability.

Through the consolidated management structure of Arcus Immobiliare we provide our clients a full package of business services both during the consulting and the executive phases, thus ensuring an absolutely excellent turnkey service.

In January 2001 Gruppo Ruggieri took over the whole construction, development and real estate business of Gruppo Paolo Berlusconi.

The new company structure introduced by Gruppo Ruggieri allowed Arcus Immobiliare to keep its commitment domestically in the residential commercial construction sector, usually for real estate activities concerning both commercial projects for third party developers and the public works business.

The acquisition by Gruppo Ruggieri of Arcus Immobiliare extended the scope of the company skills by increasing the quality fed into orders and projects through the enforcement of strict control standards.

The expansion, much coveted by Gruppo Ruggieri, led to a relentless deployment of Arcus Immobiliare in the whole country, but most importantly it opened the company up to foreign markets, but most importantly helped Arcus Immobiliare develop important initiatives in primary international projects (Moldova, Eritrea, Kazakhstan and UAE).

The remarkable quality of this Group is designed to meet the most diverse needs in the real estate business, from simple construction to full investment commitment.


Since the start Arcus Immobiliare focused its interest in several activities connected with the construction, civil engineering and industrial sectors.

Proper management led to developing important strategic alliances, which in turn brought several orders through the acquisition of shares in real estate companies, for which the company works as a contractor. Therefore the core business of Arcus Immobiliare stands out for two operational types distinguished by activity sectors, more specifically:

Civil and industrial projects

Acquisition of shareholdings and management of the real estate business, more specifically for all tender-related activities.

These operational types, though complementary, require different management, economic and financial parameters in order to allow the maximum development of both activities. The group organisation is always developing and takes a more and more articulate structure in order to tackle all company growth needs and perspectives.


The company scope of Arcus Immobiliare, both in Italy and abroad, is the following:

Construction of buildings and works in the public and private civil and industrial sectors of any kind, either on its own account of as a contractor for third parties…

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